I know who I am (Breaking out of the box)

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click to connect with Pastor W. B. Rogers on Face book

It has always been a common thing for me to hear “you have a unique way of doing things” or “you definitely have your own style…” When I was younger this used to cause me to back in to a shell and try to conform to the “normal” way of doing things. By boxing up the gifts that God had given me I was stifling the growth and development that Christ wanted in me because I didn’t want to be the odd ball out. Because of this, I looked up and I was living someone else’s life: preaching conviction that wasn’t really mine, singing a style that wasn’t mine, dressing in fashion that wasn’t me (that might have been a good thing), treating people in a manner that wasn’t me: all the while I was causing the unique anointing that Christ gave me to be of non-effect because I was repelling the very people he called me too.

There is no one to blame for this but me! I made the decision to seek for the approval of man over the approval of God…

Until one day during prayer the Lord convicted me to know that everything I had gone through in life was making me what / who He wanted me to be. He gave me to know that there were people that were lost waiting to hear see and feel what he had given Walter say, and that I was not showing him true appreciation for all that he has done for me.  From that moment on I rose and began to take my life from people and give it to the Lord by being the best ME I could be. I have during the process lost some close friends and associates; however, God has restored and liberated me to know that I was bought with a price that He paid.

I must admit life is so much easier now that I focus on fulfilling God’s demands on my life rather than man’s. While I’m coming clean I must also state that my ministry is more effective both inside and outside of the church. Since then I have written and produced several gospel stage plays, stared in two independent films and minister to a sector of artists/ entrepreneurs that I totally understand on a regular. Now when I hear “You are truly one of a kind” or “you have a unique way of doing thing” I smile and say “thanx…” I want to encourage everyone who reads to rest in the fact that God knows what he is doing. Just focus on living a pure life and loving everyone and God will handle the rest.

No matter what know you were designed with a purpose…