I'm fighting to win! pt1

Ephesians 6:12

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

To many times we as Christian win the fight but on the wrong front...   If we read the bible and actually practice what it says in our society I believe things would change.

  • I must be clear! The rules in the bible don't apply to those who don't walk with Christ therefor we cannot levy the responsibility to act as Christ would on them

After reading this it is clear to me that we may have find our selves in situations where it may feel good to fight in an in appropriate manner (I.e. scrappin, throwing down, shooting the fair ones, catching a fade) however, when we as Christians realize that there is a situation that perpetuates confusion we know that God is not a part of it.  

1 Cor 14:33 lets us know that God is not the author of confusion there for I know when certain things take place there is another spirit at work

  • this is not to say that every time that we have a disagreement  that it is  demonic... yet we know there are situations where a mole hill has now turned into Mount Everest, or where there is no reasonable solution in sight... and the results will be catastrophic if something isn't done 
  • as stated Earlier it is easy to try to solve it by fighting or cussing or any other type of ignorance but we find these are tools that will make matters worst

It is at this time where you must check your emotions and become spiritually strategic... 

                                   Not manipulative but spiritually strategic  

                                            2 Corinthians 10:4 our weapons are not carnal but might through God! 

I believe that since Christ left us with his peace He has given us the tools to maintain the peace but we must be disciplined enough to do what you need to to keep it!!  


  • You must become like a specialist... Able to defeat Satan and cause as little up roar as possible
    • I've had my share of life altering situations and I came the conclusion that I need to be able to deal with opostions without having to rebuild every time the leave...  other wise you'll spend most of your life rebuilding and never expanding
    • they had to be as discreet as possible when  they went to get Osama Bin Laden

                   -some of us can fight the devil but we cause so much craziness in the process it's really unproductive 

                   -sometime it's not can you do it but can you do it with out tearing everything up

                            -use this in every area of you life some times you have all the skill and no tact...

                                      -everyone knows everything you are going through and what you are doing

                                      - so you unknowingly cause casualties and somethings can be handle with 100% containment

    • Lastly, you must discern  between what God has put on you and what you put on you
                   -  he will never put more on you then you can bear... So before I even entertain you I
                       need to know is this a God deal or a me just reaching out
                  - because if it's God I can handle it...
                        -if you didn't ask for it and God put it in your lap then there ain't no way I can't handle it
                          it's not to heavy,
                          it's not to hard
                           it's not going to end

    So the next time you find yourself in a situation where you know the enemy is at work remember not to fight the person. Remember to exercise the authority that God has given you and attack the Spirit not the person.

    That means there is purpose in your problem

                           - I know it was a mistake to lay in the bed but the baby had purpose therefore
                            I can handle it

                           - I know there are some crazy lies out about you by your best friend but you can over come them

                           - I know you may have cussed out last week but this week you gonna pray for them cause you realize it's spiritual  

                           - I know the divorce is sticky but you shall live and not die

                           -I know I shouldn't have been on drugs but there is purpose in my testimony

    the enemy only wants you focused on the problem!!! but I've moved on! God has forgiven me and while on my way to fulfill the purpose he has for me I plan to do it with as little glitches as possible