Get those hands up in the air

Text: Exodus 17:8-13

  • In the context of our scriptural reading we see that the Israelites are recently freed from Egypt some put the length of time at just over a month.
  • this being the case they haven’t really had time to develop an army or a defense system just yet as of now they are just moving by
  • When you study this historically you find out that God has real problem with the Amalekites not just because they attacked Israel but because they did so from behind (Deut. 25:17-18)
  •  They attacked and when you read it Moses and Joshua couldn't respond to it adequately until the next day and when they did respond they found that they were only able to be victorious as long as their leader had his hands up in the
    • When he would drop his hands they would lose
    • But when he put those hands in the air they won

 I just want to give you two (2) reasons why you need to keep your hands in the air while fighting for your life.

  1. When you lift your hand it signifies (in our times) surrendering one’s position or one’s self to the authority of another!
    1.  I remember when I was a young boy I would watch on TV the cops would tell the robbers to come out with their hands up…
      1. This was a sign of surrendering to the authority of the cop  
    2. The scripture says submit/ surrender yourself therefore unto God THEN resist the devil and he will flee
      1.  But he doesn't flee until you submit
        1.  Sometimes it’s not about  Lying, sex, money, friends 
        2.  Sometimes you need to submit and…
          1.  get married; or
          2.  start your business; or
          3.  start preaching; or
          4.  stop being messy etc
        3.  If you don’t submit he won’t FLEE!! And it’s not always the obvious things we need to submit…
  2. Lastly, The lifting of the hand’s signify that you have the victory In our text it was the lifting of the Man of God’s hand that provoked victory
    1.  This I believe is why Satan fights expressive praise
      1.  Because in biblical history some of the greatest victories happened when the people of God Praise God emotionally.
      2.  Praise provokes confidence in God… It is in your praise that you remind yourself how great our God is
      3. One of the last things he (Satan) wants you to do is get down in your spirit that you have the VICTORY

WHEN YOU GET WINNING IN  YOUR SPIRIT DEFEAT IS ELIMINATED!   As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. You have to allow victory to get so down in you until it becomes your vary being. No matter what if God is on my side I can do it. I can make it! I am More than a conquer! I am the head and the not the tail! I am above and not beneath! I am the victor and not the victim! I will not fight this battle depressed but rather I am going to lift my hands! I am ready for my next level! I am ready for my new job!  I am ready for my new relationship! I am ready for my new ministry! I am ready to do MORE FOR JESUS! I am ready to win a soul! I am ready for VICTORY! So Get those hands up!!