Don't forget to remember

Deuteronomy 4:7- 10

There comes a time In Your life as a Christian where you should not need to be encouraged to praise God...

  •  You can't allow life's trials to cause you to forget what God has done for you! Every now and then you need to rehearse where God has brought you from
    • This is important because it is these trials that really strengthen your relationship with God...
    • even when in a romantic relationship before you actually go through something together you really "think" you're in love
  • When you are initially in a relationship with someone you feel attracted to them but its mostly physical or intellectual whatever floats your boat
    • You smile and y'all have what's called puppy love
    • That's because the love hasn't  yet been tested
  • A good trial will make or break your relationship with anyone
    • It's during the trial that you find out what the other party is made of
      • they have the chance to man up or wimp out
      • they have the opportunity to woman up or whine like a little girl
    • During the trial you find out who has your back
    • The trial separates friends from the phonies 
  • But when see you got a real one!!! You have a true jewel and develop true love for them
    • If you think you love someone now wait until you've been to hell and back and they are still there
    •  Wait until they know about know everything about you and still cool with you
  •  Here in our main text Moses is telling the children of Israel not to forget what God has done for them
    • He tells them this after they had recently got the victory over King Og and the Amorites
      • This is interesting because history has king Og being tall the bible inAmos 2:9 it's says It's clear he was tall...
      • Even though he was tall God still through battle gave him and his country into Israel's
  • Moses is standing in front of the children of Israel and begins to say
    • Don't forget what you've been through and who brought you through!!
      •  He was there when they left!
      • He wiped your tears when it was your fault you were crying 
      •  He paid your bills when you're the reason you were broke
      • He was there while you was getting back on your feet
      •  He shut the mouth of your enemies with success 
    •  GOD DID IT!!!

We can't be embarrassed of our scars because they say I should be dead and gone but God spared my life...  We need to be ever mindful of the fact that God has brought us through...