Overcoming Defeat

1 Samuel 30:1-6

This is during David’s exile from Israel

History: David had gone through a lot up to this point. Even in his exile David experienced some victories and some defeats.


Intro: Now we have to realize that in life we will win some and we will lose some.  Yes as a saint of God there will be times where you Lose some things.   You have to learn that the LORD GIVETH and the LORD TAKETH AWAY that’s a part of life

1.   Just because you loose doesn’t mean that God has rejected you

a.  The reason why I personally love this text is because everyone considers David’s Victories but besides Bathsheba we really don’t mention his failures  or his defeats much

b.  Here we see he has a relationship with God But he still looses

c.    This lets me know that serve God and sometimes end up

                                                              i.    Divorced

                                                             ii.      In jail

                                                            iii.      Broke & Confused

                                                           iv.      Attempting suicide

                                                             v.      Single Parenting

                                                           vi.      Back where you started from

2.       Don’t turn your failure / Defeat into a monument

                                                            i.    Monument is a statue, building or other structure

                                                              erected to commemorate a famous person or event

b.      I know it’s easy to be hurt and use that as an exuse for ridiculous behavior

                                                               i.      Stop talking about it!

                                                             ii.      Sometimes you need to fast the past

1.    Don’t talk about it

2.       Don’t’ listen to no one else talking about it

3.       There are some truths about yourself you don’t need ever reveal

a.       God told Jeremiah the prophet that NOT to say that he was a youth

b.      Don’t lie just stop volunteering information regarding your situation to everyone

Once you really decide to get up … you need to pray and go get your stuff