Faith in God...

WE must understand that even though we are awesome, capable, and strong people our faith/trust/confidence cannot be in ourselves.  In other words, we must make sure all of our trust and confidence is in God.

             I.    “Faith in faith” will mess you up! But we need to have “faith in God!”
                               a.    The word of God is the supreme prophetic voice!
                               b.    If he said it in his word, you can have it in your life
            II.    Satan tries to fight your remembrance of God’s work in your life
                               a.    He does this through religious self-righteousness 
                                       i.    You did not save yourself! Your salvation comes from God! 
                                                     1.    Not the Pastor
                                                     2.    Not the church
                                                     3.    Not the choir
                                                     4.    Not the music 
                                                     5.    Not the denomination
                                                     6.    BUT THE WORD OF GOD GAVE YOU WHAT YOU NEEDED
         III.    I have to learn to see my Victory in the word
                               a.    Once I have studied the word of God and put it in context
                                      i.    If there is an applicable promise… I can have it!
                                      ii.    If He said it… He’s going to do it
                                     iii.    I don’t have to fight for it… It’s already mine…

                 No WORD, NO VICTORY...    ...   ...   ...   ....   ...   .... KNOW WORD, KNOW VICTORY